Grassroots Film in production for the People Who Live a Martial Way

By Mary Van Note
November 29, 2007; Hollywood, CA…. The story that needs to be told is coming together by some higher power.  At least that’s what Ken Chamitoff believes, “I’m just in awe of what is happening around me.” 
An entrepreneurial photographer, Chamitoff spent years visiting and photographing students at martial arts schools across the country with his business PhotoKicks.  His travels resulted in an accumulation of voices; stories of inspiration, of families, of struggles, of culture and the history of Mixed Martial Arts, “I learned the stories of every person I encountered.”  Each voice became a part of the story, The Red Canvas, a film written and directed by Chamitoff.
For the first-time director it was only a higher power that could’ve brought Master Ernie Reyes, his own teacher from when he was a child, onboard with the film.  It was even borderline eerie when every character in the script was fulfilled by none other than the Reyes family.  The Red Canvas is a story about an immigrant family and their struggles, and focuses on their son who redeems himself through the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.  This story is authenticated with the true Reyes family with Ernie Reyes Jr., known for his incredible martial arts skills and his stunt work in The Rundown, against the leading role. 
Also in the cast is a five-time undefeated Ultimate Fighting Champion.  Frank Shamrock, known for his mouth as much for his deadly submission holds and strikes, plays a villainous trainer who will do whatever it takes to win, even by giving his fighters high-performance drugs.  Such a character is relevant today with certain high-profile fighters testing positive for steroid-use in the Mixed Martial Arts arena.
But what’s most inspirational isn’t what’s on film.  It’s the fact that the budget was raised and funded entirely by Mixed Martial Arts school owners and its students.  “MMA school owners and students believe it’s a story that needs to be told,” Chamitoff declared, “The picture has heart, and will inspire youth to do the right thing.  I believe that might have something to do with the forces helping it along.”

The Red Canvas is currently in production in Whittier, California. Media are welcome to attend the shoot on-location on Saturday, December 1, 2007.

Fred C. Nelles Complex
11850 Whittier Blvd.
Whittier, CA 90601 

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